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Sabtu, 28 September 2013


How to change your life for the better – forever!

 Amazingly Powerful Wealth Building Strategies REVEALED for the first time on Audio CD…
by Azizi Ali
Malaysia 's
#1 Financial Author, Speaker, Trainer and Millionaires Coach

ou are probably aware that I’ve started a personalized coaching program three years ago. This exclusive program – the Inner Circle – is where I coach individuals on a one-to-one basis on building wealth. This is where I guide the members on a personal basis, lead them towards their goals and dreams and monitor their progress over a period of time. I’m happy to report that most of the members have grown their net worth, some significantly, during their membership. Many others have regained control of their finances, created additional income sources and have now made money work hard for them, instead of the other way around. And oh ya, not a single member lost money to scams or dubious investments!

One of the services offered in the program is a monthly webinar. This is where I share some of my best wealth building strategies. Until now, the content of the webinars are reserved only for the members. They had the first bite of the cherry. Now it is time for me to share the formerly secret information with others – namely with you. So for the first time ever, I’ve set-up a program that I call the MILLIONAIRES GUIDE TO GREATNESS AUDIO PROGRAM.  

Here's what you get with your
First, you get the complete Audio CD Learning Library consisting of 7 audio CDs. The topics will include highlights of the monthly webinars made to my exclusive Inner Circle program. Remember that the information was formerly shared only with the Inner Circle members. Now you will be joining the selected few to learn directly from me. You will get to tap my extensive knowledge on money matters on a personal basis. 

The topics include: 

  1. 7 Habits of Multi-Millionaires
  2. How To Make The Most From Your Insurance
  3. Estate Planning For Winners
  4. The Right Way of Investing in Gold
  5. Creating Multiple Sources Of Income
  6. How To Stay Rich Forever
  7. Choosing a Housing Loan
  8. How To Win At Property Auctions
  9. Ground Rules of Smart Investing
  10. Two Questions And More
  11. Financial Defence
  12. Investing in Commercial Properties
  13. Common Financial Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
  14. How To Make The Most From Unit Trust

As you can see, there’s a lot of information there, many of which are revealed for the first time ever. It covers a large spectrum of wealth building, including steps on how to stay rich forever, property investment and creating Multiple Sources of Income.
Furthermore, as the program is in audio format, that means you listen to these CDs over and over again. You can also listen to it anywhere – in your car, in your jacuzzi, in your study, on your bed or even when you are flying (unless you are the pilot!). While reading my books are good, you are now listening to me saying the words myself. This double exposure will help to ‘imprint’ your powerful subconscious mind with my strategies, therefore increasing your chances of success significantly.
Remember that the information was formerly only available to a very small and elite group of my Inner Circle program. Now you are having the same information as they have. This will give you an advantage over tens of thousands others. 

Most people are guessing that the program will cost them a lot of money. After all, I am the #1 money coach in Malaysia, and as such, I do not come cheap. So they are expecting something in the region of between RM800 to RM1,000 price range. However, they are in luck for the price of this Millionaires Guide to Greatness Audio Program is only RM390. That’s right, only RM390 – and everything that is mentioned earlier is all included. The reason why I’m offering this program at such a low price is because I want to test the response to the program.
Furthermore, the RM390 price includes the postage and handling cost, which means there is no additional payment to be made. (However, FREE postage and handling only applies to Malaysia. Please contact me at if you are based offshore so I can advise you on the postage cost.)

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