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Thursday, April 17, 2014


TAPAH 17 April - Ahli Parlimen Bukit Gelugor, Karpal Singh maut dalam satu kemalangan ngeri di kilometer 301.6, Lebuh Raya Utara-Selatan menghala arah utara berhampiran Gua Tempurung pada kira-kira pukul 1.30 pagi ini.

Turut terkorban dalam kemalangan berkenaan ialah pembantu peribadi beliau, Michael Cornandez.

Karpal yang dipercayai dalam perjalanan dari Kuala Lumpur ke Pulau Pinang kerana perlu menghadiri satu kes mahkamah mati di tempat kejadian akibat cedera parah.

Kemalangan berlaku apabila kenderaan jenis Toyota Alphard yang dinaiki Karpal melanggar sebuah lori yang cuba menukar laluan tanpa memberi isyarat. - UTUSAN ONLINE

TAPAH 17 April - Kenderaan pelbagai guna (MPV) Toyota Alphard yang dinaiki Ahli Parlimen Bukit Gelugor, Karpal Singh rosak teruk setelah merempuh belakang sebuah lori di kilometer 301.5 Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan awal pagi ini.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The mayor's office in Sloviansk is among the strategic buildings to have been seized by armed men
The Ukraine crisis is entering a new and dangerous phase. The seizure of police and administrative buildings in several cities in the eastern part of the country by what some describe as pro-Russian activists raises the prospect of a firm response from the Kiev government.

This, in turn, could give the Russian authorities the pretext they need to move the military forces massed on Ukraine's frontier westwards.

Alternatively this may just all be political theatre, an attempt to visibly up the stakes; mounted to scare the interim Ukrainian government and perhaps also to scupper four-way talks - between Ukraine, Russia, the US and the EU - that were loosely planned for this week.

“Start Quote
Western analysts of the crisis and governments are at a loss to explain any means to prevent Russia achieving its strategic goals in Ukraine - we see only hand-wringing and embarrassment”
Roger McDermott Jamestown Foundation
Alternatively Moscow may simply be seeking to control the context in which any talks take place. Either way the temperature is rising and a diplomatic solution to this crisis seems now more distant than ever.

So what of the assertion by Nato sources and western leaders that the Russian military is already conducting covert operations in eastern Ukraine?

The evidence from social media sites shows that groups of men, well armed and uniformly equipped, have been involved in a number of the initial seizures of buildings in eastern Ukrainian cities.

Unopposed campaign
Roger McDermott, senior fellow in Eurasian studies at the Jamestown Foundation, is a long-time watcher of the Russian military.

His assessment is that the uniforms and the uniformity of weapons suggest that "the well-organised 'militants' have all the hallmarks of Russian special forces, or to be more exact, the military intelligence special forces or 'Spetsnaz'".

Nonetheless he cautions that this is only a partial re-run of the initial Russian operation in the Crimea.

"In the Crimea," he notes, "Russian forces mounted an essentially unopposed campaign to seize key strategic points and exploit the weakness of the interim government in Kiev.

Pro-Russian gunmen in Sloviansk show no sign of complying with a deadline set by Kiev
Mr McDermott asserts that the situation is different in eastern Ukraine.

"The special forces units with local assistance can gain control of strategic buildings and key routes, but if the Ukrainian defence and security forces respond, there will be an escalation which will involve Russia's more conventional forces, including air power and ground forces units," he says.

Another veteran analyst of Russian military affairs, Keir Giles of the Conflict Studies Research Centre, says he is "depressed but unsurprised" by the escalating events over recent days.

When asked if he believes this could be a prelude to overt Russian military action, he replies that this is entirely plausible.

"This would play not only into Moscow's long-term narrative about securing the rights and lives of Russian citizens abroad, but also to the doctrinal imperative of ensuring security and stability on the approaches to Russia's borders," he says.

'Strategic shock'
Both analysts believe that the crisis has entered a new and perhaps critical phase. I asked Mr McDermott if Russia's aims in all of this were clear. Surely Moscow was taking a huge gamble?

"The risks are that the Ukrainian army and security forces put up more resistance than Moscow foresees, and it all descends into something long, drawn out and messy," he says.

However, "if the Kiev forces crumble, or fail to respond quickly enough, Moscow would have a grand bargaining chip to bring to the table and secure its objectives in the crisis: either the West recognises a dismembered Ukrainian state, or promotes the idea of a compromise involving a new constitution and the emergence of a weaker Ukrainian federal state more biddable to the Kremlin in the future."

In his view Moscow's key demands are clear: it wants the federalisation of Ukraine and a legal guarantee that the country will never enter Nato.

"The Kremlin is playing for high stakes and it believes it can win," he says.

In contrast Nato and the West seem to have few options to influence events on the ground. Mr McDermott says that the West has received what he calls "a strategic shock".

He argues that this crisis has revealed "weaknesses in the intelligence assessment of Russia and the potential threat it may pose in Eastern Europe.

"Both western analysts of the crisis and governments are at a loss to explain any means to prevent Russia achieving its strategic goals in Ukraine," he says.

"In place of sound thinking, we see only hand-wringing and embarrassment."


South Korea ferry: Scores missing as ship sinks

16 April 2014 Last updated at 05:44
Lucy Williamson: Images reveal how quickly the ship went down

Two people have died and more than 100 remain unaccounted for after a ferry carrying 476 people capsized and sank off South Korea.

So far, 368 people have been rescued, local reports say.

A major rescue operation is under way, involving 34 naval, coastguard and civilian ships, and 18 helicopters.

The ferry, carrying mainly school students, was travelling from the port of Incheon, in the north-west, to the southern resort island of Jeju.

Images showed the ferry listing at a severe angle and then later largely submerged, with only a small part of its hull visible.

Cause unclear
Pictures showed rescue teams balanced on the sinking hull pulling teenagers from cabin windows. Some of their classmates jumped into the sea as the ship went down.

Reports suggest some of those rescued were picked up by nearby commercial vessels.

Navy divers were now searching the scene for those unaccounted for, officials said.

Dozens of passengers have been rescued but the fate of many others remains unknown
Reports said the ship capsized and sank within a period of two hours
Teams have brought rescued passengers to shore - at least 13 are reported to be hurt

One body, of a female crew member, had been recovered from the ship, the coastguard said. Another person is reported to have died after being rescued.

Thirteen people were hurt, Yonhap news agency said.

One student told local media her friends became trapped.

"Currently, I am in the middle of being rescued. At the time, the ship was turning on its side, and none of us were moving as we were told not to move as it was dangerous," the unnamed student said.

"So, I am not well aware of the situation, but I am told that my friends and other friends could not escape as the passage was blocked. It seems that there are many students who could not get out as the passage was blocked by water."

It is not yet clear what caused the incident, but witnesses described hearing an impact, before the ship listed and quickly sank.

One passenger told the YTN news channel: "We heard a big thumping sound and the boat stopped.

"The boat is tilting and we have to hold on to something to stay seated," the passenger said.

Another passenger said the ship was "shaking and tilting", with people tripping and bumping into each other.

Weather conditions were described as fine.

News agencies said the ferry had sent out a distress signal about 20km (12 miles) off the island of Byungpoong at about 09:00 local time (00:00 GMT).

Angry parents have gathered at the school in Incheon to demand answers, reports the BBC's Lucy Williamson in Seoul.

Earlier reports put the number of passengers on the ferry at about 350. The vessel is reported to have a capacity of up to 900 people.

Are you in the area? Do you have any information you would like to share? Please send us your comments. You can email us at using the subject line 'South Korea ferry'.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Heartbleed yang belum diketahui asal-usulnya, membolehkan penggodam mencuri data peribadi pengguna Facebook bagi tujuan yang tidak baik. – Gambar Reuters, 15 April, 2014.Pengguna laman sosial Facebook di negara ini perlu berhati-hati dengan pautan laman sesawang berantai yang disyaki mengandungi pepijat "Heartbleed", iaitu sejenis penggodam akaun pengguna.

Bermula awal minggu lalu, pepijat Heartbleed atau CVE-2014-0160 yang belum diketahui asal-usulnya, membolehkan penggodam mencuri data peribadi pengguna Facebook bagi tujuan yang tidak baik.

Awal minggu ini, Reuters melaporkan kerajaan Amerika Syarikat mengeluarkan amaran kepada institusi perbankan dan perniagaan di negara itu agar memperketat kawalan keselamatan siber serta berwaspada dengan serangan penggodam yang ingin mencuri maklumat peribadi pelanggan melalui pepijat Heartbleed.

Presiden dan Pengasas Gerakan Belia Teknologi Informasi Khaireel Azlee Abdul Aziz, berkata pepijat Heartbleed disasar kepada pengguna media sosial kerana laman seperti itu mempunyai kandungan data peribadi yang banyak.

"Negara kita merupakan antara pengguna media sosial seperti Facebook yang tertinggi di rantau ini, dan ia menjadi lubuk kepada penggodam untuk mengambil data peribadi malah sehingga ke tahap mereka boleh mengawal akaun media sosial yang dijangkiti pepijat tersebut," katanya ketika dihubungi hari ini.

Khaireel Azlee juga berkata sebaik sahaja pautan itu ditekan, penggodam boleh mengakses semua data peribadi pengguna termasuk kata laluan, gambar, video, e-mel sehingga ke tahap mengawal akaun sosial pengguna berkenaan.

"Oleh itu, saya menyarankan semua pengguna berhati-hati ketika melayari Facebook dan tidak menekan mana-mana pautan berantai, yang mahukan akaun anda diakses sekiranya ingin melihat video atau gambar yang disertakan di laman sesawang tersebut," kata beliau yang lebih dikenali sebagai Kay Azlee melalui program ICT dan Anda terbitan Bernama Radio24, bersiaran setiap Isnin hingga Jumaat dari 7.45 malam hingga 8 malam.

Beliau berkata setiap pengguna laman sosial seperti Facebook perlu mempunyai kesedaran yang tinggi sebelum mendedahkan perkara berhubung kehidupan mereka di laman itu.

"Perlu diingat, sebelum memuat naik apa sahaja, biarlah ia bersifat umum, sebagai contoh tidak memuat naik gambar ahli keluarga supaya orang yang berniat jahat tidak mempunyai akses kepada maklumat kehidupan peribadi anda," katanya.

Sementara itu, laman sesawang Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) memuat naik amaran berhubung serangan pepijat Heartbleed awal minggu lalu.

Amaran bertarikh 8 April itu dikeluarkan kepada semua agensi dan syarikat telekomunikasi di negara ini bagi memperketat kawalan keselamatan mereka daripada diceroboh penggodam menggunakan pepijat Heartbleed.

Menurut amaran itu, SKMM mengenal pasti 34 laman sesawang yang terjejas dan memaklumkan kepada mereka untuk memperbaiki kelemahan sistem keselamatan masing-masing dengan segera.

SKMM turut menasihati pengguna Internet agar menukar kata laluan terutama pada akaun media sosial dan e-mel untuk tujuan keselamatan.

Untuk keterangan lanjut berkaitan pepijat Heartbleed, pengguna boleh melayari laman sesawang – Bernama, 15 April, 2014.


Macam-macam cara orang nak menipu zaman sekarang ni. Macam dah takda cara lain nak approach pelanggan.Melampau betul yang suka mencari rezeki dengan cara menipu dan memanipulasikan para pelanggan.

Untuk kita semua, masing2 take note dengan taktik terbaru mereka untuk memperdayakan kita semua. Awas kepada pemegang kad DEBIT atau kad KREDIT!!

Berikut seperti yang dikongsikan di berkenaan kes penipuan kad debit atau kad kredit, BACA:-

just nak share apa yang berlaku pada kawan saya hari ni. Lebih kurang jam 11.30 pagi hari ni, saya dapat kol daripada private number dan antara dialog yang berlaku dengan seorang wanita India yang sangat berbudi bahasa:
Wi: Selamat pagi boleh bercakap dgn En. Zufri?
Mz: Ye saya bercakap, ada apa ye?
Wi: saya…..daripada pihak bank ingin membuat pengesahan berkenaan kad bank encik.
Mz: awak ni dari mana?
Wi: saya daripada pusat panggilan Malaysia, ingin membuat pengesahan mengenai kad maybank encik.
Mz: Oh ok…( sbb penah dapat kol dari maybank sebelum ni cakap perkara yang sama, jadi saya percayakan dia)
Wi: Ok encik, saya cuma nak buat pengesahan mengenai kad bank yang encik gunakan sekarang.
boleh saya tahu alamat penuh encik?
Mz: alamat saya….
Wi: boleh dapatkan no ic…
Wi: ok..encik masih lagi menggunakan kad ini ye?
Mz: ye saya…
Wi: dah berapa lama ia digunakan?
Mz: hampir 2 tahun…
Wi: ok saya ingin membuat pengesahan, kad debit encik bermula dengan 4283 3210
Mz: ye betul…
Wi: boleh encik lengkapkan no 8 terakhir
Mz: 16xx xxxx
Wi: terima kasih atas kerjasama diberikan…sekarang, encik ada tanda tangan dibelakang kad debit encik ke?
Mz: ye ada…
Wi: disebelah tanda tangan ada no. ahli…boleh bacakan saya no ahli kad encik?
Mz: xxx…
Wi: ok..sekarang saya ingin memberitahu En Zufri kad encik gunakan adalah mengikut laporan kami. Kami daripada pihak kerajaan ada menyediakan kad i-klnik dimana semua rakyat malaysia berhak mendaptkan kad ini. Dia boleh digunakan ketika encik..mintak maaf, andai kata kemalangan atau ditimpa musibah, dia akan memberi encik potongan 30-70% di klinik-klinik terlibat.
Encik juga boleh membawa ibu dan ayah ke klinik dengan percuma dan encik juga boleh diberikan diskaun pelancongan dengan kad ini. Saya akan menghantar kad ke alamat yang encik berikan. Jadi ini berharaga RM299.00. Saya telah pun membuat penolakan dari kad Maybank encik.
Mz: eh.awak cakap tadi nak buat pengesahan kad saya, kenapa pula tiba-tiba awak nak ambil duit saya? ada saya cakap saya nak beli kad awak ni..jangan nak memandai lah.
Wi: encik telah berikan saya butiran encik dan bermakna encik setuju..
Mz: awak jangan ingat saya nak sangat dengan kad tu.
Wi: ok tak apa..kalau encik tak nak, saya tak kan hantar kad tu..tapi duit encik telah ditolak..bila-bila masa encik nak kad tu, boleh hubungi kami dan kami akan hantarkan…encik kerja mana?
Mz: saya kerja TNB..saya tak perlukan kad awak..saya dapat semua kemudahan perubatan..mak bapa saya pun dapat kemudahan juga…kenapa perlu saya nak gunakan kad awak..saya tak nak, tolong batalkan…
Wi: (dah mula bengang) sekarang ni, saya dah tolak, encik tak boleh buat apa-apa lagi..nak tak nak saya dah tolak duit encik.
Mz: awak kerja mana ni..awak kerja dengan siapa?
Wi: saya kerja di Rawang dan ini adalah dari goverment…ok encik, ada apa-apa lagi, kalau tak ada apa-apa terima kasih kerana berikan kerjasama…( terus letak phone)

Darah dah tak tenteram, buka terus Maybank2. Nasib baik, duit masih ada, apa lagi, cepat-cepat call Maybank buat pengesahan.

Pegawai bank memaklumkan, ia adalah sendikit yang cuba nak dapatkan butir peribadi kad bank. Nombor 8 digit pertama disebutkan adalah nombor sama untuk pemegang kad, nombor 8 digit terakhir dia akan minta kepada kita.

Untuk nombor ahli kad sebelah tanda tangan tu adalah nombor yang penting untuk pengesahan kad. Encik tak perlu risau. Dia tak berjaya mengambil duit dari akaun encik, saya telah batalkan kad dan encik perlu membuat kad lain bagi memastikan keselamatan dari pihak kami. Kan dah jadi masalah besar.

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