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Selasa, 13 September 2011

Do you look older than your actual age?

Dread being called kakak, aunty, or even makcik when you're out and about? #OlayTotalEffects

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Do you look older than your actual age?

Did you ever find yourself being called “akak”, “aunty”, or even the dreaded “makcik” when you’re just in your 20s!? You don't want to hear that any more do you? It could be due to your skin ageing which easily leads to people having a perception that you’re older than you really look. Skin that is not cared for really makes you look older!

Thanks to Olay and their Total Effects range, which provides the perfect solution, especially for young adults in their 20s! The Total Effects helps fight the SEVEN – that’s right, seven – signs of ageing, which are fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, the appearance of prominent pores and age spots, uneven skin tone, surface dullness and dryness. If you notice, it tackles both whitening and anti-ageing needs for young women!

Visit to consult with the experts from Olay on how to get a younger, fresher faced you! Like the page to be in the running for contests and coupons for Olay products! Now you shouldn’t fear getting called “akak”, “aunty” or “makcik”!

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