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Isnin, 19 September 2011

Are You Ready To Join The Biggest Independant Film Festival In Utah?

Join #InSearchOfIncredible and win a chance to travel to Utah, see Jason Mraz & an Asus laptop!

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Are You Ready To Join The Biggest Independant Film Festival In Utah?

What is the most incredible idea, story, or moment you have ever seen, heard, or envisioned? Asus is looking for the most incredible story in people around the globe! If you have a story to tell, you could stand to win extraordinary prizes!

All you need to do is share an extraordinary story and if you are the winner for Malaysia, you could win a new ASUS N Series laptop! You will win the chance to attend Sundance Film Festival with a special appearance by Jason Mraz! On top of that, you get to bring a friend along too – with complimentary flight tickets and accomodation!

For all budding artists, film-makers, dreamers, thinkers, writers, this is your step to carving your name in and amongst the stars. Do not miss this incredible opportunity.

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