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Sabtu, 16 April 2016


Solar Guardian 580X Security Floodlight
The most advance solar powered security floodlight in the market!  The Solar Guardian 580X Security Floodlight (SLM90730FL) with Digital Intelligent PIR Motion Sensor Control, it is a wireless solar security floodlight fixture with Passive Infra Red (PIR) motion sensor, outdoor security floodlight with remote industrial grade aluminum solar panel allows to place solar panel in direct sunlight. 
Interested in adding a security lighting to your house without wiring?  We have the solution.  Simply attach the Guardian 580X where you want it, then put the solar panel in a place most likely to receive the most sunlight.  This fixture automatically full blast (Full Power Mode: 730 lumen) when movement is noticed.  Once no movement, it will automatic switch to dim mode (55 lumen from dusk to dawn or 12 hours).  The floodlight is made of durable cast iron to withstand sun and rain, equiped with 84 unit CREE High Power White LEDs.   The industrial grade aluminum solar panel comes pre-assembled with a pre-charged Lithium battery (designed for long life).  New generation standalone Digital PIR Motion Sensor Control with a detection range of 10 meter and can be placed at any strategic location. 
Also the 5 meter solar cable allows placement of solar panel in direct sunlight.   A solar powered floodlight is a portable light fixture composed of a High power LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.   Solar panel on top the floodlight recharges the battery with sunlight.   Solar floodlight recharge during the day.
The Solar Guardian 580X Floodlight for commercial quality lighting systems, residential streets, parking lots and security lighting using high quality of solar systems.  The applications for solar powered outdoor lighting systems are endless.  These units can be used for Security and safety lighting, bustop lighting, rural area lighting,  Dock lights, Park lighting, Parking lot lighting, Parkway lighting, Walkway lighting, Street lighting, Transit Lighting, Outdoor area lighting, Military and civil security and so on.  The costs of trenching and installing underground wiring often make a solar street lighting system an economically feasible lower cost option.
The Solar Guardian 580X Flood Light (SLM90730FL) Advantage – Financial Benefits
Installing the Guardian 580X is more affordable that installing a traditional Lighting in some area. When you choose the Guardian 580X, your installation costs include the following areas:
  • Trench Wiring – with the Guardian 580X you do not need to run underground wire from the nearest electrical transformer to your lighting system.
  • Trenching – Because the Guardian 580X is a completely standalone, self-contained Solar Street Light System, you do not need to pay the additional costs of digging trenches for your underground wiring.
  • Replacement Landscaping – Because you do not have to trench to install the Guardian 580X, there is no additional cost for replacing and repairing the ground that is torn up during the trenching process.
  • Land Usage Rights – With no need for external wire connections, etc, the Guardian 580X allows you, the outdoor user to provide consistent, affordable lighting to your lighting locations without the need to negotiate with property owners to use their property for underground wiring and landscaping.
  • No Electric Meter – With the Guardian 580X there is no need to meter your lighting system. This means you save the cost of purchasing and installing a meter, and the electrical connection fees.
  • No Electric Usage and Demand Charges – Because the Guardian 580X is entirely Solar Powered, you don’t need to pay for electrical usage.
  • LED light life span more than 50,000 hours– Save on light bulb replacement, maintenance and installation cost.
  • Customized and powered by 2 watts high efficient super cell solar panel.
  • Designed to withstand the harshest and most extreme environments has to offer from blistering heat to driving rain, hail and sub zero temperatures.  Whatever the environment is, rugged construction is up for the challenge.  Its internal components offer IP65 weather protection and its external components are built with marine grade aluminium and stainless steel fixings.
  • Using CREE High Power LED light life span more than 50,000.00 hours, which is 5 times longer than conventional light bulb.
  • The most technically advanced CREE LED lighting technologies that work seamlessly and systematically with our latest LED driver and Intelligent Power Management System (iPMS). Our newly designed LED lens features a variety of lighting distributions and power options ranging from output.
  • Good light color rendering for excellent light effect, near natural color make people’s visual comfort and no glare beam.
  • An advance 6 watts CREE LED that produced 730 lumens (full power mode) with Guardian PIR Motion Sensor activation.  Normal operation or dim model with 55 lumen (dim mode).
  • Standalone Guardian PIR Motion Sensor feature that automatically control the LED light output from full brightness model (730 lumen) to a lower level dim mode (55 lumen) depending upon the detection of movement around the light.  This fluctuation of lighting intensity preserves battery power and also serves to increase community security by deterrring unsociable activity late at night and early in the morning where these lights are installed.
  • Very safe because 5 volt direct current system
  • 2500mAH Lithium battery bank and 2-3 days battery reserve.
  • Our in-house developed new-generation, high quality lithium batteries manufactured to high standards for high power applications and longevity. Key benefits include enhanced safety, strong thermal stability, tolerance to abuse, a high current rating and a 1,000 cycle life. Lithium batteries are half the weight and size of lead acid and some other deep cycle batteries, take higher voltage under load and offer as much as 10 times the cycle life.  Lithium batteries are also fully recyclable, making them the smart choice for our precious environment.
  • Lithium batteries are charged for maximum efficiency using our GAMMA advance Solar Charge Controller that constantly monitors the state of the batteries to optimise the charging levels while protecting them against overload, over-charge, over-discharge and accidental short circuit.
  • Built-in GAMMA advance Pulse Width Modulation charge controller, microprocessor, automatic lighting controller and timer system.
Full Power Mode: 730 lumen (when motion activated)
Dim Mode: 55 Lumen (Dusk to Dawn or 12 hours)   
Endless Security & Lighting Applications:
Add another unit floodlight & Y-Cable to form 2 floodlights system, cover more places and lowing cost.
The floodlight can be used as Mini Streetlight with the special designed mounting kit & accessories.
Easy Maintenance :
Step 1: Unscrew the cover, open up the compartment and change the lithium battery.
Step 2: Close the compartment.
84 unit CREE LEDs and full power of 730 lumen
Industrial grade PIR Motion Sensor with Degree Indicator
Industrial grade aluminium solar panel with adjustable mounting kit
Safeguard homes & businesses
Dim mode with 55 lumen (dusk to dawn or 12 hours)
Full power mode with 730 lumen (for 1 min)

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