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Khamis, 7 April 2016

Flexible USB Solar Panel 3W

Flexible USB Solar Panel 3W
The Flexible USB Solar Panel 3W is an excellent traveling and outdoors companion for those needing to charge mobile phone or USB powered divices, without having to worry about an AC outlet.  

Perfect for charging handpone, camera, GPS, solar light & USB mobile devices. 
Great for hiking, fishing , camping , outdoors.  Am awesome addition to your outdoor kit and small enough 
to fit in your backpack !
Laminated solar cell with flexible plastic sheet
USB outlet for charging
Portable and useful for your easy travelling
Unique design and elegent white color
Solar panel: 3W, 5V
Output: 5V / 500mA
It features a powerful 3W solar panel, and has a USB output socket for the widest compatibility
With suction mounting kit to angle the panel towards the sun and catch the most light
The solar panel includes a voltage controller, it does not need a built in battery which must first be charged before your gadgets can be, which means more of the panels energy is used to charge your gadgets
Just connect your smart phone with the solar charger with a USB cable and place them under the sunlight.
Does not contain internal batteries , straight sun to charger!
Therefore no issues with batterie problems and reliability !
RM 80 Per Unit

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