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Khamis, 1 Disember 2016

Lampu Solar Syiling Led Tube Light

Solar Ceiling LED Tube Lights

Solar Ceiling LED Tube Lights


Smart Choices! Power goes off, Light stays on! Light your life all the time!

Never dark in the evening again. Cheap to save your cost quite a lot! Safe without any risks or dangers! Best way to light your room! Low electricity consumption, your electricity bill will be cut down sharply.





  • Integrated with high quality luminent LED
  • With AC charge and solar charge function
  • Charging indicator
  • Integrated wall mount, easy use
  • Highly portable
  • Power source: AC-165~265V / 50~60Hz / DC12V solar charge
  • Charging time: Approx 2 hours.
  • Duration time: Approx 5 hours.
  • Output power: 5 Watts



  • Specially designed emergency use functions
  • Special device for overcharge protection control to extend battery life
  • Automatic self-lighting mode during no power
  • Discharge protection circuit to avoid LED damage
  • When charging or working (AC mode), the indicator is red, when fully charged, it turns green



Where can used 

This solar ceiling LED tube lights is widely used in:-

  • Residential and commercial locations 
  • Hotels, conference rooms
  • Factory, offices, houses 
  • Airport, metro station 
  • Schools, hospitals and other public places.
  • Corridors, elevator, all kinds of passageways, and so on.


Rechargeable Emergency Light with Solar Panel


Rechargeable Emergency Light with Solar Panel 

Rechargeable Emergency Light with solar panel is a multi-functional widgets just used as alternative light sources for both families if power can bring in traveling or picnic. Rechargeable Emergency Light with stylish, modern design give you more a useful items in the home. Lights use LED bulbs to light for true color and high durability, the ability to continually lighting up to 8-10 hours. Products will be the ideal choice for you and your family.
Features & Specifications:
  • Voltage: 6 - 12V / 0,5A
  • Capacity: 14,4W
  • PIN: 4.000mAh
  • Lighting: White
  • Brightness: 850 LUX
  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Colour: White
  • Joystick: C Matt
  • Modern design, fashion.
  • Housing is made of high quality plastic ABS
  • Elegant design, luxury.
Caution & Safe:
  • Do not create heat radiation.
  • Do not create infrared heat radiation.
  • Safe to use for many hours continuously.
  • Use power 6-12V DC
Don't forget to bring Rechargeable Emergency Light with solar panel when you have an advanture!

HARGA : RM 150
HARGA : RM 150
HARGA : RM 150

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