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Rabu, 3 Ogos 2011

Get ur Hari Raya open house party dis yr sponsored by Perodua worth RM10,000!

Get ur Hari Raya open house party dis yr sponsored by Perodua worth RM10,000! #LebihIkhlas

Have the most glamorous Hari Raya!

Imagine the smell of rendang and ketupat in the air. Raya songs are playing in the background and you are spending time with your loved ones. It only happens once every year and it is that one day where, you seek forgiveness from your elders by saying “maaf zahir dan batin”. There is no way it gets better than this…

… But oh wait! Perodua is aiming to make your Hari Raya this year the most meaningful and special celebration in your life than it has ever been before. Post your most heartfelt “maaf zahir dan batin” and get the chance to win a hassle-free day of being chauffeured to and back from your hometown on Hari Raya day.

In addition, the Grand Prize winner will also be able to post his or her Raya messages in a prominent local newspaper on Raya Day, making this special day extra special. Not only that, the Grand Prize winner will also get to host an open house party and be sponsored RM 10,000!

Not to fret, if you do not win the grand prize, 3 consolation prize winners still have the chance to win RM5,000! Share this special day with your friends and family by just posting a message to your loved ones on MYPerodua FB. Visit for more details.

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